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    Sam Frangiamore

    Why do the shipping costs not show on POS?

    As a default, POs do NOT show shipping charges. Shipping for UPS, USPS and Fed Ex all determine shipping cost based on weight, distance and speed of delivery. Typically when a PO is created, we do not know what the shipping cost is yet. At this time, the $10/$15 shipping reserve (depending on what your school’s default shipping reserve is set to) is set aside from the student budget for the unknown shipping costs. Since the shipping cost can be less that $10, we do not list it on POs because vendors can end up charging you the entire $10 even though shipping charges are often less than that.

    We do have two district options built into OPS. One is to show shipping on all POs (which we do not recommend), and the the other is to show it on POs ONLY if the order has reached the invoice matched order status. Usually the shipping charges are known at the time the invoice is received and the order is marked invoice matched.

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