OPS was originally developed back in 2000 as a one-off solution for an Independent Study Charter School in Northern California. Their new tool set was very successful and they shared their success story with their charter school peers.

Before we knew it other schools were seeking our services and The Online Purchasing System (OPS) was born.

For nearly 20 years, OPS has continued to evolve, providing charter school administrators unprecedented control over ordering student materials, classes, individual tutoring, activities and events.  Independent study teachers are able to place orders for each of their students through a web-based, password-protected user interface.

Administrators are able to review and authorize orders before they are placed with vendors. OPS generates purchase orders to be printed out or emailed that contain order details and custom notes specific to the order.

Once teachers mark items received, they are logged into inventory. The student inventory feature tracks non-consumable items such as text books and equipment in order to facilitate efficient, end-of-year returns. Administrators and teachers are able to create customized report templates that allow real-time data to be seamlessly exported to spreadsheet programs for analysis and record keeping. Administrators and teachers can effectively monitor Educational Units (EUs). EUs are subtracted when an order is placed, and can be manually adjusted any time an administrator has knowledge of available funds.

The Result – your teachers, clerks and office staff manage their time much more effectively.