The Online Purchasing System (OPS) gives charter school administrators unprecedented control over ordering student materials, classes, individual tutoring, activities and events.

Independent study teachers are able to place orders for each of their students through a web-based, password-protected user interface.

Administrators are able to review and authorize orders before they are placed with vendors. OPS generates purchase orders to be printed out or emailed that contain order details and custom notes specific to the order.

Once teachers mark items received, they are logged into inventory. The student inventory feature tracks non-consumable items such as text books and equipment in order to facilitate efficient, end-of-year returns. Administrators and teachers are able to create customized report templates that allow real-time data to be seamlessly exported to spreadsheet programs for analysis and record keeping. Administrators and teachers can effectively monitor Educational Units (EUs). EUs are subtracted when an order is placed, and can be manually adjusted any time an administrator has knowledge of available funds. The Result – your teachers, clerks and office staff manage their time much more effectively.


  • Secure, web-based ordering system allows teachers to place orders for materials, courses, supplies and activities from any location 24/7.
  • Online request approval and other features give administrators more effective control of funds allocation for teachers and students.
  • Online, up-to-date database of approved vendors
  • Customized reports allow administrators and teachers to easily export real-time data to spreadsheet programs.
  • Multiple search capabilities for students, teachers, vendors, orders and regional districts.
  • Integrates with other administrative applications:
  • We have an import feature that can sync up the OPS student/teacher records with other student information systems such as “Report Writer” and “Oasis”. This eliminates the need for double entry of student information, reducing opportunity for error.
  • We also have an export feature that can export a custom designed datafile that will import into your preferred accounting software such as “MIP”, “QuickBooks” or “QSS”.
  • We can provide the ability to add sacs codes to your purchase orders. Periodically export records into school accounting applications in custom formats.
  • Flexibility to batch pay multiple orders per vendor.
  • Ability to manage/generate student vouchers
  • You have the ability to add notes to your orders and student budget adjustments. This aids in the communication between teachers and admins.
  • Reliable online and person-to-person email and telephone technical support during normal business hours.
  • OPS does not require a web site, however can integrate seamlessly into pre-established sites.

Ability to alert teachers and admins to specific orders/order notes that need prompt attention.

VENDOR CALL LOGS:  Ability to log all important correspondence with each vendor. Order notes can be added to the vendor call log with one click.

VENDOR LOGIN AREA:  Vendors can log in to see the status of all their approved P.O.s. This saves a lot of back and forth communication with your vendors

CATALOG FEATURES:  With the Catalog Module users now can have the ability to set up a custom catalog of pre-approved items from various vendors. The catalog allows teachers to only have to click a check box, rather than type out all of the relevant item information to order it. Each catalog item can be easily added/inactivated or modified.

BULKING CATALOG ORDERS:  Ability to look at all items requested for each catalog vendor, modify the amounts to be ordered based on what materials you may already have in your resource center or library, and then bulk all requests into one order for each vendor. This will save you shipping fees and allow your school to take advantage of special bulk rates offered by many vendors.

NON-BULKING CATALOGS:  Option to have all catalog orders shipped directly to the teacher, rather than bulking all orders and shipping to a single location.

SCHOOL, TEACHER AND STUDENT BUDGETS:  There is plenty of flexibility configuring funds allocation. One option is to have all EMR (Educational Material Resources) come out of a teacher or school budget, while other order types, such as VCI (Vendor Course Instruction), come out of student budgets.