OPS Library ResourcesTM (OPS LR) gives librarians and school resource managers complete control over circulating educational materials, while providing teachers an easy way to reserve the items needed for the students/families they serve. Easily automate your school library while integrating with the Online Purchasing SystemTM (OPS).

Independent study teachers are able to search and reserve your school’s inventory for each of their students through the same OPS web-based, password-protected user interface.

The student inventory feature tracks all items in order to facilitate efficient, end-of-use returns. From circulation and bibliographic input, to label printing and hand-held scanning, OPS Library Resources automates a wide range of time-consuming library tasks, saving librarians and fulfillment staff hours of time.

The Result – your librarians, teachers and office staff manage their time much more effectively while maintaining full accountability of your schools valuable material resources.

OPS offers an amazing range of features to make managing your school library simple and more efficient than ever before. Designed with librarians’ needs in mind, OPS LR’s rich features and ease-of-use make school library management a breeze!

1. Integrated with Online Purchasing System ™ :  Integration with OPS means that your staff does not need to log in to multiple applications to find it in the library or request it from an outside vendor.

2. Quick Cataloging:  Easy item and inventory entry screens ensure that you can catalog, search, track and recount your collection quickly.

3. Easy Searching and Reporting:  Quick keyword searches and advanced searches by ISBN, title, item type, author, publisher, subject and grade are provided.

4. Manages Multiple Media Types:  All types of media are supported such as: Books, answer keys, tapes, videos, CDs, DVDs, manipulatives as well as furnishings, equipment and supplies.

5. Automates Library Tasks:  OPS LR goes way beyond just easy check in and check out of books. Using scanners and UPC code technology, it has a sophisticated system of tracking the total quantity & quantity in the library and the quantity available of each item. Requests made for items that are available in the library get reserved and become ready for check-out.

All in-stock library items reserved can be sorted and bulked up by each teacher/student and can either effect student budgets or not. Requests for items that are not available, or not yet in your library catalog, can be bulked into single orders and sent to your preferred vendors.

Bulked orders received from vendors can be quickly added to your school’s inventory then sorted/bulked up by teacher/student streamlining the process of cataloging inventory and delivering the right materials to the right individuals.

6. Requests For New Items:  Items that don’t currently exist in your library catalog can be easily requested. Upon approval, these new items will be automatically bulk ordered and added to your catalog.

7. End-of-Year Returns:  Makes the end of the year returns easier to facilitate. Administrators can view/locate all inventory for a particular item. They can view what items any teacher or student possesses at any time. Transferring items from student to student or teacher to teacher is a snap.

8. Support:  Reliable person-to-person email and telephone technical support during normal PST business hours.

9.  User-friendly:  Easy to access and to use!  Attractive, user-friendly graphical design.

10. Simple to Switch from Other Library Applications:  We can easily import your library and student inventory data into OPS LR from Follett, Winnebago or other library software applications.