For over a decade we have been working closely with our client schools to develop a tool set that brings harmony to their complex processes.


We at OPS thoroughly appreciate what you educators are doing for our world and here is what some of you have had to say about us…..


It has been my pleasure to work with the Online Purchasing System (OPS) for the past 6 years. As one of the largest charter schools for parent choice in the nation, our purchasing department needs a product that is as adaptable as we are. OPS allows us the flexibility needed to make changes quickly, effectively and at a reasonable cost. Over the years, we have consulted with Sam Frangiamore and Guy Stokley for special customizations we have wanted to employ. They have been very helpful and open-minded to modifying their product to fit our needs. Their response time to our requests has been top notch. Rarely do I have a situation that is not resolved within an hour of request. I am positive that you will find the same results as a customer of this fine company.
Joe Lawrence, Vendor Relations/Purchasing
River Springs Charter School

In the Accounting Dept. I am responsible for processing orders for our teachers and their students. I’ve been using OPS for about 7 years. I hate change, so in the beginning I wasn’t thrilled about starting a new system. I had many questions and called or emailed frequently to ask for help. Guy and Sam always responded quickly to guide me through the process. Keeping it simple as possible.
I feel confident using OPS and always look forward to the new features and improvements that are added periodically to make my job easier.
Delberta Peek, Accounting Department
Horizon Charter School

We started using OPS for our online book purchasing and inventory management system in the 2010-2011 school year, although we began our relationship with them about one year prior. They spent a significant amount of time modifying their existing software to meet our needs. The end result has been a reliable system that accurately tracks our book inventory and who the items are checked out to. Guy and Sam work hard to make the system better and more efficient everyday for us. We have been very happy with our OPS experience and plan to work with them well into the future!
David Piccoli, Warehouse Manager
Gorman Learning Center

OPS has worked with our charter school collaboratively to develop a purchasing system that works! Their team is responsive and creative. The OPS system is functional, efficient, and dependable. Our charter school has saved thousands of dollars annually by utilizing the OPS purchasing & tracking system. OPS gives us the flexibility to order individually items, or in bulk. We can also adjust orders based on inventory. Each specific item or service ordered can be connected to a specific teacher or student.  Nothing ever gets lost, and we can efficiently get the materials into the right hands.
Chris Mahurin , School Director
C.O.R.E. Charter School, The Camptonville Academy

CORE Butte’s experience with Guy, sAM and the OPS system has been tremendous. The efficiency of the company is stellar; they are responsive, considerate, smart, and reliable.
Jonelle Pena, School Director
CORE Butte Charter School~

I have found the OPS system  to be very user friendly. The communication between myself and the 100 or so teachers that I do the ordering for as Purchasing Director for our Charter School, is very efficient and I have experienced a minimal amount of problems, most caused by user error.
Martin McCoy

I need to express how you guys make our life more pleasant. Ordering materials from our library and through our vendors is a very easy task with our OPS program. Just being able to bulk orders together makes it possible to hit target numbers so we do not have to pay additional postage fees, saving every penny helps these days specially in the public schools.
If I ever do have a problem with the program, which is very rarely, Sam is just a phone call away. I always look forward to speaking with Sam, he is very efficient and is eager to fix the problem ASAP! Plus he has a great sense of humor. OPS has blessed our Library and our VCI program, (vendor, course, instructor). I can’t imagine what life would be without OPS.
Tony Cervantes, Library Clerk & Book Mobile Driver
New Day Academy


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