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      Sam Frangiamore

      There are 3 types of notes specific to each vendor:
      1) Vendor Notes – These are public and show in your public vendor searches. Anyone can see these and they should contain no sensitive information. They are designed mainly for marketing type information such as additional counties they may cover.

      2) Vendor Internal notes – These are typically special instructions for ordering. They are only shown on the order request form (in red font to make sure those ordering see them). They were originally designed for admin/teachers making requests, however, now that we have the parent login and parents too are making requests, they too can see the internal notes for a vendor if they are making a request for that vendor.

      3) Vendor PO notes – These notes are specific to the vendor and appear on ALL a vendor’s POs. Not to be confused with the PO notes which are specific to a PO and will only appear on a certain PO.

      Additionally, there are order notes which do not appear on the PO, but appear on the order summary page. Finally, there are the vendor call logs. If any internal order note needs to be saved with the vendor records for future reference you can add any order note to the vendor call logs using the ‘add to vendor log link’. You can also access/manage the vendor call logs from the ‘modify vendor screen’. Basically, this would be if a certain incident happened and you needed to make a record of it for future reference this is where you would do it. Only admins can see vendor logs.

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