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      Sam Frangiamore

      Ok as far as exporting reports into your spreadsheet application….

      1) This should work fine with MS Excel, but we recommend opening report exports in Open Office Calc. Open office is a free download that does everything that MS Office does: (http://www.openoffice.org/download/ It is the best thing since sliced Gluten-Free bread!

      2) If all your data is showing up in one cell, it means that the program does not know what the delimiter is to separate your data into columns. You have to tell your spreadsheet program when you open the file you download what the delimiter is. Most spreadsheet programs think commas are the delimiter by default; however, commas can be in addresses so we avoid using those. All reports are either tab delimited or semicolon delimited. See my screen shots of setting the delimiter in Open Office Calc when opening report exports.

      Before delimiter is set
      After Delimiter is set

Viewing 0 reply threads
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