How do student budgets go in the negative?

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      Sam Frangiamore

      OPS is designed to prevent students from overspending their budget. It will not allow teachers nor admins to make requests for STUDENTS that exceed what remains in their budget. However, there are a few exceptions.

      1) Order totals can increase. An item cost or shipping cost can be increased after a request has been made. Teachers can only modify pending orders; however, admins with the ability to ‘update orders’ can change item or shipping costs at any order status except paid.

      2) Admins with the ability to reset orders can un-cancel orders. This is allowed even if the student no longer has the budget to support the order any more. Admins must be aware of this when resetting orders.

      3) Students can be given a negative manual adjustment or a budget transfer that puts the student in the negative. These funding adjustments must be performed and/or approved by an admin.

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