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      Sam Frangiamore

      Since I started working with OPS in 2004 EMRs and CAT orders are considered ‘Pending EUs’ on the student accounting page UNTIL they reach the ‘Invoiced Matched’ order status. This is because since the item(s) were not yet invoiced/paid yet there is still a possibility that the order could end up being a different cost (often due to shipping) or perhaps even an item ends up being returned.

      VCIs, CC, CIS and Activity orders on the other hand move to ‘Used EUs’ as soon as they are approved. Most of these types of order costs are less likely to change since there is no shipping involved. Also, very soon after these types of orders are approved/processed services/activities may begin.

      In any event, don’t get too hung up on the difference between Pending EUs and Used EUs since Admins with permissions to reset orders have the power to cancel ANY order at any order status. That wasn’t possible in 2004. Since you can reset and cancel ANY order, technically ALL orders/totals are ‘pending’ and could move back into ‘credit left’. The pending vs used was intended more for the teachers to understand that once EUs move to ‘Used EUs’ the vendor is owed and/or the funds have already been spent.

      Additionally, some tools such as the multiple order processing tool will update orders status’s of multiple orders, but do NOT update every associated student’s pending and used accounting totals.

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