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      Sam Frangiamore

      One part of the OPS application that is out of our control is how your browser operates. Some functions, like calculating item totals and automatically changing the item status’s when you change the order status and vice versa are preformed in real time by the OPS user’s browser (not the OPS server). Then when the update button is hit, the user’s computer sends the newly calculated item totals/status’s to the OPS server. Sometimes browsers can malfunction when the computer runs out of memory or the java script running within them crashes. When java script crashes, the item times quantity calculation does not get performed. Almost always a computer restart (or browser restart) fixes this function. A simple change of the quantity and then changing it back on the order summary page causes the item total to recalculate. Don’t forget to update the order after the item cost totals have been recalculated. Sometimes you may have to reset the order to correct it.

      When you notice this issue has occurred take notice of who last updated the order. There could be one staff member who is using an old, inadequate computer, perhaps just doesn’t restart regularly enough or operates with too many windows/applications open. Sixty-Four bit operating systems have greatly reduced applications crashing due to insufficient memory. This occurrence comes up less and less than it used to.

      However, if you can reproduce this error after a computer restart (or on multiple computers/browsers), please collect screen shots and bring it to our attention immediately.

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